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The Four Ganesha's

Sai Ram All

The day after the all-night vigil of Maha Shivaratri (11th March) was basically a day of complete rest.
Went to the evening darshan in Sai Kulwant Hall and witnessed a
 Gratitude Program by the students of Anantapur Campus of SSSIHL.

Here's a link from Prasanthi Reporter


This was also the very first time, I was able to prostrate to Swami, at His Maha Samadhi.
Sai Ram!!!

Eventually going back to the hotel late in the evening.
I met a lot of the group in the foyer and the Sai Sister, who had previously invited us the day before to the Durga Temple,
 invited us also to go the next morning to witness a priest perform puja to 4 different Ganesha's.

So early the next morning around 5.30 am (12th March), three of us got into a rikshaw and headed off to meet the priest.

The driver first quickly stopped at some of the Temples offering his prayers and seeking their blessings.

It was the same priest who performed the puja's to the Shiva Linga at the Durga Temple on Maha Shivaratri morning.
Swami had named him soon after he was born...Sai Prasad!
He performs puja to these Ganesha's on a daily basis... every morning!

So taking camera with me, I was looking forward to a wonderful adventure!
The whole proceedings took all morning by the time we returned.
This priest rode on his motorcycle to all the different locations.
 We followed him in our rikshaw.
The first Ganesha we went to was a few kilometers away.
 I can't remember the name of this location.

 Here below is a 4 part video series of this eventful morning.

Each puja to each Ganesha lasted around a hour, so I will be showing just excerpts of these.
The video series is named... Sai Prasad

Stopping for blessings at the Sathyabhama Temple.

Driving through the main road of Puttaparthi before dawn.

Following Sai Prasad to the first Ganesha.

Almost there!

 Ganesha No.1
 ॐ गम गणपतये नमः
Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha
Salutations and Prostrations to Lord Ganesha

Sun Rising 


After finishing the puja, we followed once again Sai Prasad on his motorcycle to the next Ganesh.
It was not far down the road at the Sree Parthi Sai Dharmasala.
A English Medium School is situated there.
It was a very peaceful place and there were vedic chants & bhajans being broadcasted over a loudspeaker in the distance.
Sai Prasad then started the puja to this second Ganesha.
A golden glow from the morning sun pervaded the whole area.
It lasted around a hour, so this video below is again excerpts of that puja.

On the way to Ganesh No.2


The glorious Sun through the trees.

Ganesha No.2



After completion, Sai Prasad proceeded walking down the tree-lined road to the next Ganesh.
He once again performed a puja to this westward-facing Ganesha.

SAI PRASAD - Part Three

 After the puja was finished, we again followed Sai Prasad on his motorcycle to the 4th Ganesha. This was quite away away from Puttaparthi itself. After stopping very briefly outside the Super Speciality Hospital and seeing for the very first time, for myself, a snake mound situated next to the perimeter fence.
We then proceeded many more kilometers down the road to a Education Centre where the last Ganesha was situated at its entrance.

On our way to the 4th Ganesha

 Snake Mound

 Putta is the native word for "an anthill in which a snake has taken up its abode," and Parthi means "multiplier."
 These words are part of an exciting legend that explains the origin of this place-name.

To read more about this, click on this link

Super Speciality Hospital

Lord Dhanvanthari


Dhanvanthari holds in one hand a medicine chest and in the other hand the Amrith Kalasha, a vessel of nectar for longevity; similarly,
 Baba keeps creating from his right hand Vibhuuthi with a mere waving of his empty palm while holding letters of appeal for relief from
 devotees suffering from various types of illnesses.
  I therefore adore and worship Lord Sathya Sai as the modern Dhanvanthari who bestows health and longevity.

Arati to Ganesha No.4

 SAI PRASAD - Part Four
After this puja was finished, we followed Sai Prasad on his motorcycle back to the Durga Temple in Puttaparthi,
 where he performed a puja to Ma Durga.
 This can be seen in the next post.


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