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(I am the Supreme Cosmic Divine Self)

Sai Ram once again!
This post is about what had transpired for me during the Maha Shivaratri Evening (10th March 2013) in Puttaparthi.

I entered Sai Kulwant Hall around 3pm and positioned myself quite close at the front.
By the time the official proceedings began, the Hall was quite full... as expected!
It started around 4pm with Professor Anil Kumar giving a short speech about the significance of the Sayeeswara Lingabhishekam.
As I was not with a camera, here is a video from the
  Radio Sai GlobalHarmony Youtube Site
And here's a link from Prasanthi Reporter about the proceedings.
    (Click Here)  

Here is also a link that you might be interested in.
 Its about the Sai Linga (Swami's True Form)

 (Click Here)

Anyway, the energy was very high and sacred and Swami was watching the whole assured!!! 

Akhanda bhajans began at 6pm for the all night vigil till 6am the next morning.
I stayed there till around 8.30pm.
I decided to have a break, intending to go back after a hour or two.
So I headed back to the hotel.

 Maha Shivaratri 2004 (middle of the night)

 Back in 2004, Swami came out around 1am and gave us His darshan.
 Apparently this was the only time He had done so, till then.
What a blessing that was!!!
Sitting in the Hall, taking in all the Divine Shiva energy, I was silently praying that Swami would again make a appearance this time around.
Wishful thinking, I guess! 

Anyway back at the hotel, I went up to the rooftop to
  see if I could see the last tiny phase of the Moon.
Did not see it. It had not arisen, as yet...I had presumed.
It was quite windy up there too.
Bells were ringing in the distance.
Shivalayam Temple Bells!!!

So, off I went walking through the back lanes to get there.
A lot of people were coming and going making offerings and doing pranams to Lord Sai Shiva.
Arati was also performed.

Jai Sai Shiva

Here is a short video

In the streets, it was like the whole of Puttaparthi was out and about.
  A wonderful festive atmosphere everywhere!!!

p.s  I would just like to know why they demolished Smt. Karanam Subbamma’s House?
 (see right in this picture above)
Her house is or I will say now, was situated next to the Shivalayam Temple.
I thought it would be so important historically, as Swami spent alot of His childhood there.
 Its now a empty shell and used as a carpark.
Can't understand it!!!
I am sure there must be a logical reason of why, in the plan of things... in future times ahead.

Here's a video below I took in 2006 at that house. 

Smt. Karanam Subbamma's House

Sathya Sai Baba visited her house often when He was a boy.

A neighbor to Easwaramma (Sathya's mother).

"Karanam Subbamma was one of great virtues. She had a highly respected position in the village. As time passed, there was great transformation in her. She prepared food for all the devotees who came for My darshan. Whatever she made, she made it for the sake of Swami. Those days, I did not stay at home most of the time. I moved about in the adjoining hills and valleys. Subbamma made many preparations, put them in a tiffin box and went searching for Me wherever I was. Her love for Swami was great. In the Dwapara Yuga, it was Devaki who gave birth to Krishna, but Yashoda had the great good fortune of being called the mother of Krishna. Similarly, Subbamma had such great good fortune in this Age." - Sathya Sai Baba

After the visit to the Temple, I still intended to go back to Sai Kulwant Hall.
Instead of turning right to go back towards the hotel. I went straight ahead, as I was hearing singing
 and I could see bright lights in the distance.
Just in front of the Sathyabhama Temple, some village folk had set-up a marquee and were singing bhajans.


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